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Sea Level Changes over Different Time Periods

The charts below show recent increases in sea level as well as fluctuations over different time periods (125 years, 24k years, 500k years and 542 million years).

Sea level change from 1880 to 2005
From - Wikipedia, Sea Level


Sea level change over the last 24,000 years

From - Wikipedia, Sea level rise


Sea levels from the last 500,000 years

Modified from CLIMAP Isotopic data summarized in chart from Ice Ages by John Imbrie and Katherine Imbrie, 1979

Sea level fluctuations over the last 542 million years.

From - File:Phanerozoic Sea Level.png by Robert A. Rohde


Wikipedia, 2015, Sea Level Rise

Robert A. Rohde, 2015 File: Phanerozoic Sea

Imbrie, j., Imbrie, k., 1979, Ice ages, MacMillan



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